Treat High Blood Pressure Naturally

There is no doubt high blood pressure needs to be treated. If it’s not, it can kill you. A lot of times this will mean using medications. However, drug treatment is not entirely without problems. It doesn’t always work anytime you take medication you risk of side effects. If possible, it’s best to get your blood pressure under control using natural means.

It’s well known that diet plays a tremendous role in controlling blood pressure. This has been talked about so much that I won’t go into details here. The bottom line is that what we generally acknowledged as a healthy diet – lots of fruits and vegetables, avoidance of sugars and processed foods, lean protein, a small amount of healthy fat, and so forth – plays a role in lowering blood pressure. The DASH diet (Google it if you’re interested) is perhaps the best studied in this regard.

Salt it has long been seen as a villain when it comes to high blood pressure. While it does have a role, the situation is not as simple as people often think. Rather than the absolute level of salt and it being important, it’s probably the ratio of sodium to other minerals such as potassium and magnesium that’s more important.

I recently found an article that talks about several factors I really hadn’t heard about before that can lower blood pressure. These include a unique mineral supplement, yogurt, cranberry juice, by identical hormone replacement and more. You can check it out here:

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