Apps for High Blood Pressure

Just when you thought your smartphone couldn’t get any smarter.  Now there are a host of application coming online to help you stay healthy, including a number aimed to help people with high blood pressure.

These apps provide various services.  Some let you record and graft blood pressure levels.  Another attempts to guide you in deep breathing to help settle you down and lower you blood pressure. Still another outlines healthy choices for someone dealing with high blood pressure.

For the app obsessed, some of these programs might me a great addition to their toolbag. Keep in mind though that none of these are FDA approved. Use your common sense, something the FDA seems to do less and less.

If you’ll allow me a bit of a rant, I hope the FDA stays away from the growing health app industry.  I really don’t think that they ‘get’ techonolgy and wouldn’t do a good job of evaluating it.  I do know that when they do get their regulatory claws into something they slow progress and kill innovation.  There are egregious example of drugs used successfully for years in other countries denied to patients here. The decade plus  long delay in approving metformin here despite its successful use overseas is one example.  Many physicians now consider it the drug of choice for adult onset diabetes.

I’m no fan of the drug companies but spending millions to jump through regulatory hoops that seem more often driven by politics than science doesn’t seem reasonable.

Anyway, there’s no regulatory agency checking out these apps as yet so as I said use your own common sense and maybe even talk it over with your doctor.

Here’s an article that gives some specifics on some of the apps:

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