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Welcome to High Blood Pressure Reports! Let us take a moment to let you know why we’re here and what we hope we can do for you.

You don’t have to look too far to realize that there are a lot of health problems in our country today. The problems are very real and growing. We want to be part of the solution. Here’s what we see going on.

While medical advances in recent decades have been truly astounding and we are all living longer, it seems that ever increasing resources are going to the healthcare industry. But what we have isn’t “health” care. It’s really sickness care. Modern medicine spends the vast amount of its time and resources trying to patch things up once the damage is done rather than really trying to prevent it in the first place.

The classic example is heart disease. We all know that smoking, high fat diet, being overweight and having high blood pressure increased risk of getting hardening of the arteries. However, most of the effort and money that we pour into this problem is for things like surgery and spent his in high-cost drugs to deal with the problem when it’s already gotten to an advanced state. This isn’t the best way to go.

Now to be fair, you really can’t blame this on doctors and medical system. The sad truth is that most people aren’t willing to take responsibility for their own health. They aren’t willing to put in the effort to make the necessary changes that will let them live a vital and healthy life. Our hope is that you’re visiting the site because you do want to take responsibility for your own well-being.

As we mentioned, we want to be part of the solution. We were going to do that is providing information about high blood pressure. We decided to focus on high blood pressure for a few reasons.

For one, it’s a major problem. The rate of hypertension andUnited Statesnow is up to about 25% of the adult population and steadily increasing. Not only that, the older person is a greater chance that they have some degree of hypertension. Since we are in fact living longer it’s affecting a greater and greater percentage of our older population.

Another reason we focus on high blood pressure is the fact that many people who have it are even aware of it. Hypertension is often called the “silent killer” because people can have extremely dangerous levels yet feel perfectly fine. One of our aims is to raise awareness enough that people will get their blood pressure checked frequently to make sure they’re in a healthy range.

Finally, we wanted to help people with high blood pressure is because you can do something about it in controlling it makes a tremendous difference in your long-term health outlook. One thing we really like is that many people can at least improve, if not completely control, their high blood pressure by making lifestyle changes.

Not only that, the lifestyle changes that bring blood pressure under control are good for you in lots of other ways. It’s a double benefit.

We don’t claim to be an authoritative source ourselves, but we do our best to find out what the authorities are saying and report back. We want to save you the time of doing other research yourself.

So once again, welcome to our site. Check back often because we will be updating regularly.

And if you haven’t done so in a while, get your blood pressure checked soon.